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We are PASSIONATE about creating innovative and high quality products to improve the lives of our painters. We NEVER compromise on raw materials and don’t believe in shortcuts. In fact we are the only painting tools company in Pakistan with an independent R&D team.


We understand that a painter is holding our brushes & rollers for often more than 8 hours a day. That is why our handles are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort & grip and to reduce undue strain on the painter’s neck, back or arms.


We use the finest filaments imported from across the world and blended with proprietary formulas to pick up just the right amount of paint. Similarly our roller fabrics are unmatched as to their absorption capabilities. We are continuously on the look our for technologically superior filaments & world-class fabrics to make it easier for our painter to deliver impeccable finish day in and day out!


When our brush or roller touches a wall, the painter can be assured of a smooth, continuous, and perfectly controlled application with just the right amount of paint being released to cover the area before needing to reload. Everything we do is to ensure the painter spends less time concerned with the performance of the tools and more time perfecting the finish.


We believe that brushes are an investement for the painter. That is why, with the right amount of care and cleaning, our brushes retain their shape (i.e. filaments come back to their original position) with minimal filament loss so that the brush performs even better after the first use!


Our brushes are perfectly tapered to ensure that the painter is able to cut along corners & straight lines with precision & ease, giving a clean and flawless finish. We want to ensure that the painters BEST work is evident through the use of our tools.