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Paint Brush are used when the primary objective is a perfect finish and the time required to complete the task is secondary.  Paint Brushes are also used for cutting-in, corers, trims, grill and smaller items.  Applying varnishes and clear coats are also best in a Paint Brush.Paint Rollers are used when the primary objective is a good enough result - fast.  The coverage and speed a Paint Rollers is far greater than a Paint Brush with some compromise on finish.

A flat brush is designed for primarily to spread paint for coverage. These brushes can be used to cut-in but not with as much control as Sash Brush. Sash Brush are designed at a 14 degree to add extra control for while cutting in and making corners.

Microfiber is a fabric which has fibers that are extremely small. By design microfiber rollers are very durable. They don’t tend to lose fibers in the paint job, which can lead to uneven and flawed finish.

Use warm to hot water and a mild soap. On many occasions more than one wash is required. Sometimes even multiple washes may not be enough. In that case, a bath of mineral spirit on thinner we required.

Make sure to remove and extra paint on roller with sharp edged tool such as a 5 in 1 or a scrapper. Rinse under water thoroughly. Use warm water and a mild soap. Repeat the wash multiple times until you see that all paint has been removed. Spin the roller until its damp. Make sure you store it standing up to ensure the fabric does not get damaged.

A single or double reference to the thickness of the paint brush. For example a 4.0” Single paint brush will thinner, carry less paint give less coverage but more control. While a 4.0” Double paint brush will carry more paint and prove better coverage while slightly less control.

Tipping is a process by which the ends of the filament are processed into a pencil point like tips. This gives the working end a slanted appearance and provides a smooth & even paint release. Flagging is the process by which the tip of the filament is split. This significantly increases paint coverage & reduces brush marks, during decorating & improves overall paintbrush performance.

Tapered means the length of the filament is thicker at the base of the filament and thinner oat the top. This ensure even release of paint and even prevents paint from being dumped onto the wall. Tapered filaments brushes will also leave fall less brush marks on the surface.

The Brush keeper are also part of the paint brush and not to be disposed of. After completing the job, use the keeper to store, maintain and preserve the life and shape of the paint brush.

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